Solar Steam Cooking


The world is fast embracing Renewable Energy Technologies which holds out a very promising future to the mankind. Promotion of green energy systems of a affordable costs is the primary mission of alternative energy providers worldwide.

Anoora Energy Concepts Private Limited, engaged in providing various energy efficient solutions, offers customized Solar Steam Cooking Systems. Unlike most solar cookers which have reflectors to concenterate energy to the cooking vessel, Steam Cookers use steam generated from solar collectors from rooftop to the vessels in the kitchen, making it an indirect cooking system. Further, cooking is very slow with parabolic reflectors, whereas it is fast with steam cooking.

The steam process is similar to traditional steam cooking methods. Using stackable steam cooking vessels, cooking various dishes simultaneously becomes easy.

Steam generated from Anoora Energy Concepts Private Limited's Solar enegy panels can also be guided directed into the liquid in the vessel where it condenses and releases the heat of condensation. the food never gets burned.

Anoora Energy Concepts Private Limited's Solar Steam Cooking system has many advantages

  • 100% Eco friendly, hygenic, odour free, fast cooking
  • No generation of green house gases
  • No need to get exposed to hot Sun. Cooking is done inside the kitchen using steam produced by thermal Solar heaters placed at convenient heights (Eg.Rooftop)
  • Variety of cooking is possible
  • Save time & energy
  • Pasteurization of Drinking Water possible